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Research and innovation activities

  • Co-operation SMEs – university/research institutes – large firms, intensive
  • SME growth and RTD networking
  • trans-border co-operation in RTD programmes, influence European
  • Integration on Innovation Systems and technology policy in international context

Information technologies and consultancy

  • Development of IS applications in the area of: forestry, agriculture, agrotourism, precision farming
  • Land management and modifications
  • Risk management
  • Municipal management
  • Regional management
  • Ecology
  • Design and consonancy in SDI

Sustainable development

  • E rural policy
  • Environment protection

Risk management

  • Environmental risks
  • IST for risk management


  • Research clusters
  • Wood industry cluster


  • E learning methods
  • Training of SMEs
  • Training for sustainable development
  • Training for SDI building


  • ISAF (Information Systems in Agriculture and Forestry)
  • E rural conference
  • E activities

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