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Help Service Remote Sensing s.r.oHelp Service Remote Sensing Ltd. seeks to promote modern trends in information technology and strives to web mapping applications were still wider application not only in GIS technology, but also in various fields. The aim of the company is to comply with OGC standards and promote web services that enable efficient sharing of GIS data between different applications on the Internet. The company supports and uses Open Source Software. The company focuses on proven programs, developed and used worldwide community. Actively contribute to the development of Open Source.

Help forest s.r.o .
Help Forest s.r.o. The company is engaged in creating systems to display geographic data on the Internet, the development of modern and efficient mapping of applications and implementation of European projects in the field of ICT

MJM Litovel, a.s.
MJM Litovel Company, Inc. since 1991, is a stable and reliable partner for farms, ranches and small growers. MJM is able to realize all crop solutions, including variable application of fertilizers and pesticides. MJM successfully we also trade in commodities. Using proprietary technology in precision agriculture PREFARM ® is involved in the creation of our landscape and environment in general.

Lesprojekt – služby s.r.o.
Lesprojekt Sluzby provides complex services in the area of the information technology, Internet/Intranet, geographical information systems (GIS), remote sensing and image processing. Main activities of organisation range from data capture and management to design and development of geographical information systems.

LesInfo CZ, a.s
LesInfo CZ, stock company is a private company created thanks to development after year 1993, when the its “mother”- company LesInfo, Ltd was inscribed into the Companies register of the Czech republic. The company came into existence as an all independent and new subject, at the moment when forestry engineering activities in the Czech market were provided just by state organisations. Nevertheless the company obtained (as one from six in the whole republic) the license for working up of forest management plans by the Ministry of the Agriculture of the Czech Republic. Since the time both firms successfully struggle in the Czech market and they belong in forestry engineering activities among Czech head companies. The knowledge of environment and similarity of post-communist countries in central and eastern Europe are aiming our efforts right there (Slovakia, Bulgaria, Croatia and Bosnia), but we keep contacts also with companies in other parts of Europe and world (Holland, Switzerland, Austria, Bolivia and Australia). We cooperate with the National Certification Centre in very important tasks – information exchange and certification of forestry management.

Ústav pro hospodářskou úpravu lesů
Institute for Forest Management Brandys nad Labem (FMI) is a government organization established by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic. FMI acts as a specialized agency of the Ministry of Agriculture for forestry. The scope of the Institute is a nationwide, headquartered in Brandys nad Labem. The biggest challenge is the implementation of the National Institute of Forest Inventory, the second cycle is underway, including field measurements and evaluation of results. FMI is further authorized person under the Act no. 226/2013 Coll., On the marketing of timber and timber products on the market and by Act no. 149/2003 Coll., On trade in forest reproductive material. FMI maintain a central database with information about CR forests, forestry and hunting. In addition, continuously perform the tasks arising from its foundation deed.

BOSC – Baltic Open Solutions Center Krišjāņa Barona iela 32-7, Rīga, LV-1011, Latvija
>Baltic Open Solution Center

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