1st Personal Partner Meeting of the International Project DALIA

Budapest, 21/3/2023. Press release

(Danube Region Water Lighthouse Action)

Photo: Partner Representatives at the DALIA Project Kick-off meeting, March 2023 Budapest

Marcin Sadowski, the representative of DG Mare with a background in Mission Policy, opened the kick-off meeting of the DALIA project in Budapest and highlighted the new approach of the EU Water and Ocean Mission toward stakeholder engagement and encouragement. The Mission Charter is bringing stakeholders together to share experiences and exchange good practices, and speed up the implementation of innovative solutions.

The consortium of the new DALIA project that has already joined the charter, met for the first time at a kick-off meeting in Budapest on the second spring day of 2023.

As it will take some time until the communication team collects all their input, to satisfy your curiosity let us share with you a pilot video. So stay tuned, more currents are flowing your way soon!


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