Plán genderové rovnosti

Gender Equality Plan

Czech Center for Science and Society (CCSS) declares that it fully respects and applies the principle of equal opportunities for all positions within the organization. The Association fully respects the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers in all areas of its activities, including research freedom, ethical principles, professional responsibility and access, accountability, research best practices, dissemination, public participation, non-discrimination, gender balance, co-authorship, working conditions, job stability, career development, mobility, evaluation and recruitment.

To fulfill these principles, the association’s management supports the development of all new measures that strengthen gender equality and social justice.

Within the Gender Equality Plan, CCSS introduces activities to address gender equality – training, gender awareness and policy measures to ensure equal opportunities in recruitment and career advancement. The global aim of the association is equal gender representation in the employment of employees, while the association strictly ensures that any gender is not disadvantaged in any activity. The cornerstones of established rules include equality of conditions when filling new positions, gender balance of offers for specialized positions, including positions in management, equality in salaries in similar positions, equality in the content of work in a given position.

CCSS makes efforts to cultivate the entire work team and the surrounding community, which operates on the basis of mutual respect between all its members. As a result, any signs of undesirable behavior or gender-based violence are not tolerated in the association.

The chairman of the board of directors is responsible for equality issues in the association; for certain actions, he may delegate operational responsibility on the basis of an internal regulation to another trained person.

Dedicated resources

CCSS claims to have human resources and gender expertise to implement GEP

Data collection and monitoring

CCSS analyzes gender-disaggregated data on employees in various positions, evaluates the data and compares the results with international standards.


To raise awareness of gender equality and unconscious gender prejudices, CCSS inform employees and decision-makers.

GEP implementation

Since its establishment, CCSS has applied the principle of equal opportunities for all positions in the organization and carries out other activities to support work-live balance and organizational culture. Below is a list of existing and planned activities to further promote equal opportunities in the near future.

Work-life balance and organizational culture.

To improve organizational culture and work-life balance, CCSS creates an environment where everyone, regardless of gender, can optimally fulfill their work and non-work activities and have equal opportunities in building a fulfilling career.

Significant activities:Applied from:
Part-time work2003
Home office possibilities2003

Gender balance in leadership and decision making.

Significant activities:Applied from:
Decision-making on any issue must be gender balanced and neutral2003
When filling senior positions, a gender-balanced list of candidates for these positions is always addressed2020

Gender equality in recruitment and career advancement.

Significant activities:Applied from:
Definition of transparent, meaningful job position with correspondent salary scales.2003
Collection and monitoring the gender of applicants for jobs in a digitalized, anonymous manner.2022
Gender equal pay within the job position2003

Integrating the gender dimension into research content

Significant activities:Applied from:
Offers for participation in research to a gender-balanced list of candidates from its team.2021
Make available and support internationally recognized guidelines for improving gender diversity in research projects across disciplines.2022
Work with volunteer members of society to improve the gender dimension in research.  2023

Measures against gender-based violence, including sexual harassment

Significant activities:Applied from:
Establishment of an Internal Code setting out informal and formal complaint procedures.2022

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