Project website: http://polirural.eu/

PoliRural will provide a set of knowledge resources including an inclusive learning environment where rural populations, researchers and policymakers come together to address common problems; an evaluation exercise that uses text mining to assess the perceived effectiveness of past or planned policy interventions; and a foresight study that will collect the development trajectory of agriculture and its allied sectors until 2040 using several scenarios in which the evolution of rural populations occupies a central place.

As a result of these activities, PoliRural will leave decision makers at different levels of government better equipped to tackle existing and emerging rural challenges, rural populations more empowered and rural areas more resilient.


  • Design a multi-governance policy innovation hub and European ecosystem which strengthens the evidence base for participatory rural policy
  • Measure prevailing attitudes toward rural policies among regional stakeholders by combining survey research with text mining techniques that can produce accurate insights and that can be used with multiple online sources
  • Explore the future trajectory of rural development in every PoliRural region using a quantitative and qualitative foresight approach, taking into account the historic and current situation, and potential changes in policies, market conditions, demographic situation, and the environment
  • Advance the understanding of rural reality as perceived by existing rural populations and recent or potential newcomers, and use the newly acquired knowledge to co-design support mechanisms which make rural places and professions more accessible, attractive, equitable, resilient and competitive

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